Workshop Overview

A unique insight into fraud, investigations & risk. Providing key mitigating practices to protect your business, customers and key lender relationships.

Our workshop presentation includes current fraud trends, third party fraud techniques, how to avoid fraudulent activity and improving your processes and procedures.

We also examine actual fraud documents, how to identify potential concerns and the tools available to prevent risk.

You will also receive our fraud prevention guide & certificate.

Detailed Workshop Content
  • Mortgage Fraud Overview
  • Understanding Lenders’ Oversight
  • Lenders insight
  • In-Depth Fraud Detection and Analysis
  • Key Controls 
  • Lender Expectations
  • Fraud Detection (Actual Fraud Documents)
  • Detection Techniques and Tools
Workshop Duration

We provide tailored sessions to suit your business and attendees, please contact us for further details.

Workshop Costs

Costs vary depending on your requirements and location. Please complete our enquiry form for more information.

Is this workshop right for me?

Our workshops have been designed to compliment compliance services.

We discuss enhancements, tools and techniques to mitigate fraud and risks that can be detrimental to regulated businesses.